About Us

Who would have thought that one of the greatest companies started as a one man show? Oak Shipping started out with one individual who was more focused on just the mere thought of shipping to and from a destination. In the year 2017, Oak Shipping began in Jamaica with its owner filling all possible job types to ensure complete satisfaction for the customers.

Later, in 2017, after tirelessly filling orders to the best of his ability, Oak’s boss had the grand idea of having member’s who will mutually own the company. This means customers who became members had a say in how they wanted their service, who they would prefer to work with and the best of all, get great prices for shipping and superb customer service all around. This meant their monies worth, a win-win for all.

Oak shipping started in Jamaica, however, the company is a global company launched by the dynamic Oakconnect. This company is here to merge both shippers and carriers, so they can connect not only with the Caribbean, but worldwide. We are here to create an easier avenue to ship, whether for you or for your loved ones both locally and internationally.